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  Apples... A bushel and a peck
By Autumn Drussell, Associate Editor, as it appeared in The Star (Sun Prairie, Wisconsin) September 22, 2005
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The apple of his eye. An apple never falls far from the tree. American as apple pie.
Countless cliches aside, the apple is arguably one of the most written-about fruits in American culture. With so many different varieties -- and so many ways to use an apple, it's no wonder.
Town of Sun Prairie resident Jerry Hahn has loved apples since he was a boy frolicking in this grandfather's orchard, climbing up in the trees, taking in the sweet aroma of the apples in spring bloom.
In 1985 Hahn decided to plant a few trees --eight to be exact-- and that was just enough for him to remember how much he loved them.
"I started out with eight trees in 1985" said Hahn. "After a while I thought, 'I like these apples,' and all of a sudden, oops! I had 150 trees."
A modest operation by his own admittance, Hahn said not only does he enjoy seeing the fruits of his labor blossom, he also enjoys sharing them with other people.

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